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This peptide music was composed using the vibrational signature and frequency specifics of the Lactoferricin molecule. Listening to it might produce similar biological effects as ingesting the Lactoferricin molecule via the “Vibration-Activity Relationship,” a hypothesized alternative to the “Structure-Activity Relationship.” We have described some of the health benefits of Lactoferricin in the 'Additional Info' section of this product page.

Peptide Music Components:

  1.  Alpha/Theta isochronic beats tuned to the brainwave frequency equivalent of Lactoferricin's molecular weight.
  2. A recurrent melody line composed of a sequence of musical frequencies (notes) equivalent to the sequence of amino acids making up the lactoferricin peptide molecule. The molecular weight of each amino acid in the sequence is reduced to its frequency equivalent and quantized to a note in the Equal-Tempered Musical Scale. The musical intervals created by the melodic sequence, thus, map to the peptide bonds in the Lactoferricin molecule.
  3. The tempo/rhythm, harmony, and every other part of the musical arrangement have  Frequency correlations to either the molecular weight or the sequence of amino acids in the Lactoferricin molecule.


You may listen to peptide music as you wish, provided you adhere to general safety rules that apply to music listening. However, we strongly advise you not to listen to our peptide music while driving, operating machinery, or engaged in an activity that requires full conscious attention. Our peptide music contains brainwave elements, likely to induce an alpha/theta brain state, which might result in a degree of sleepiness.



Peptide Music is experimental and is presented here for information purposes. There are, as yet, no elaborate trials to support our opinion on its biological effects. Therefore, we do not offer this as a substitute for diagnosis and treatment from a qualified medical doctor.

Lactoferricin Peptide Music

  • About Lactoferricin, bovine BLFC
    Lactoferricin is a bioactive peptide derived from lactoferrin, a protein found in milk and other bodily fluids. It is particularly abundant in bovine (cow's) milk. Lactoferricin bovine peptide is generated by enzymatic digestion of lactoferrin and has gained attention due to its potential health benefits.


    Here are some of the benefits attributed to lactoferricin bovine peptide:


    • Antimicrobial Properties: Lactoferricin is known for its strong antimicrobial activity. It can inhibit the growth of a wide range of bacteria, fungi, and even some viruses. This property makes it a potential candidate for use in various health applications, including as a natural antimicrobial agent.
    • Immunomodulatory Effects: Lactoferricin has been studied for its role in modulating the immune system. It may help enhance the body's defense mechanisms, making it more effective in fighting off infections.
    • Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Some research suggests that lactoferricin may have anti-inflammatory properties. This could be beneficial in managing conditions characterized by inflammation, although further studies are needed to confirm these effects.


    It's worth noting that research on lactoferricin is ongoing, and new findings may emerge in the future.

Lactoferricin - Peptide Music
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